Peanut kissed pumpkin-coconut soup


These cold days made me long for pumpkin soup, but I wanted to make it with a twist, so I came up with…


• 1 big onion
• ½ pumpkin
• 250 g chickpeas (cooked)
• 250 ml coconut milk
• 4 tbsp of peanut butter, if possible 100% peanut
• 2 tbsp of curry powder, I used the Aromatic Sharwood’s ‘Mild curry’ blend
• 6 tbsp of soy sauce, I used the one from Kikkoman
• A little butter
• Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, wasabi to taste


• Cut the onion in little pieces and fry in some butter.
• Peel and dice the pumpkin (this is the hardest part).
• Add the pumpkin to the onion when it becomes a little translucent.
• Fill up with water (or broth for more taste). If you want it to be thick, don’t fill up till all pieces are under water. Use less. How much really depends on the pumpkin. You can always add some later.
• When the pumpkin is tender, add all the other ingredients, except the chickpeas.
• Mix the soup.
• Now add the chickpeas and add more spices if necessary.
• You could serve this with a piece of toasted thyme & rosemary spelt focaccia, like I did, or nut bread for example.

Let nothing go to waste: roast the pumpkin seeds in the oven for 15 minutes. Very yummie!

Geplaatst door: Odile Desbeck