Exam prep period


Exam prep period = 2 to 3 times per year recurring period when cleaning your room or doing laundry suddenly becomes some kind of hobby. Wishing a whole lot of luck to all my fellow students out there!

Geplaatst door: Odile Desbeck

My new kitchen heaven


I traded my old favorite spot in the house for this new kitchen. Now Mr Spunky and I can make loooooong romantic walks to the fridge Haaaa… gotta luv your kitchen to make good food…

Geplaatst door: Odile Desbeck

BMI is not always the reference to go for

bmi vergelijking_web

Calculating overweight by simply relying on BMI (Body Mass Index) is not always such a good idea. This figure says NOTHING about body composition. Keep that in mind!

Geplaatst door: Odile Desbeck